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UV Lamp Health Benefits

Published by Blue Corona

Your heating and air conditioning system can build up contaminants like mold spores, bacteria and also fungi. Therefore this can reduce the efficiency of your system; and potentially release harmful pollutants and smelly odors into the air that you breathe.

Your indoor air also contains living organisms such as mold spores, viruses and also bacteria. Our whole home ultra violet (UV) lights install in your homes heating air conditioning system. They work 24 hours to kill these organisms as the pass by the UV light. UV lights are used in hospitals to reduce patient to patient illness transfer. They also work exceptionally well to sanitize your indoor air to help stop the spread of cold and flu and also reduce the harmful effects of mold spores.

UV lights are highly recommended for anyone who suffers chronic illness such as asthma, COPD, a suppressed immune system, small children and also the elderly.

The installation of a Bryant UV lamp by Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing will offer a solution designed to remove these irritants from your comfort system.

Enhanced Efficiency

The Bryant UV lamp will be installed near the cooling coil, where fungus and microbes grow and pollutants collect. This UV lamp will light up the cooling coil with UV-C light, which will help to disinfect the surfaces, maximize the systems effectiveness and protect the air that you breathe. Bryant’s UV Lamp attacks and kills mold and bacteria that can grow in moist heating and cooling systems, then circulate through your home. Silent operation enhances your family’s comfort and health.

Little or No Maintenance

No need to clean the surfaces of the lamps. The only maintenance would be replacing the lamps yearly and then continue to enjoy the cleaner air and enhanced energy efficiency.

Limited Warranty

The Bryant’s Ultraviolet lamp comes with a 90 day limited parts warranty. The lamp base is covered by a 10 year limited parts warranty once it is registered by the original owner.

Features of UV Lights

  • It kills bacteria and mold spores on cooling coil
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Silent operation
  • Enhances air flow
  • Minimizes build-up on coils
  • Helps to improve system efficiency
  • 5 year limited warranty, 90-day limited warranty for lamps

Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing

Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing provides the highest quality air conditioning heating installation in the business. Our factory trained installers ensure your system is installed per the manufacturer specifications every time. We never recommend an air conditioning heating system replacement unless it is justified. We also offer 100% financing with affordable low monthly payments.

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