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5 Obvious Reasons to Replace Your AC Unit Before Summer

Published by Blue Corona

Springtime is the perfect time to have your air conditioner system replaced by Wilbur’s Air Conditioning and Heating. We have a great deal going on this month on the Bryant New Evolution system. Therefore, it is a great time to have your system replaced before a breakdown occurs during the hot summer months in Trussville, Alabama. We offer the highest quality installation and never recommend equipment replacement unless it is needed. Not sure if you need your air conditioner system replaced? Look below and find out why you should replace your air conditioner this month.

Reasons for AC System Replacement

Are you experiencing any of the following? Then it is time to have your air conditioner replaced.

  • Frequent Breakdowns
  • Increase in Energy Bills
  • Humidity Problems
  • Excessive Dust
  • System age exceeds 10+ years
  • Loss of Efficiency

Benefits of Pre-Season System Replacement

We love finding the right solution for every situation. After having your pre-season air conditioner installed, you will immediately experience many benefits. Because some of these benefits include lower utility bills, better indoor air quality and improved safety you can breathe easier. Another benefit is peace of mind that your comfort system will last for years to come. Therefore having an air conditioner that is more efficient, follows energy star guidelines and is all around better suited for your home or office means guaranteed comfort.

The following are reasons why you shouldn’t wait for AC Replacement:

1. Energy Efficiency Benefits

It can get really hot in Trussville and Birmingham during the summer! Homeowners in Trussville are turning to their air conditioned homes for some relief from the heat in Alabama. You can benefit from improved HVAC efficiency all season long if you replace your air conditioner before you expect to use it most frequently during the summer.

2. Indoor Air Quality Enhancement

Air conditioning units that are older have a harder time maintaining healthy humidity levels and moving clean, fresh air throughout your home. Your air conditioner needs to be replaced if you notice this problem. It will be even more important in the summer to control humidity. Indoor air quality issues in your home can affect the health and comfort of your family if you have stale air and increased moisture levels.

3. Time to Complete Your Research

Installing a new air conditioner is an expensive undertaking. Most Alabama homeowners understand that it’s a difficult decision. Getting your air conditioner replaced before summer is a wise choice. Therefore, you won’t be rushing into a decision about which home comfort system is best for your home. Take the time to research, compare prices, and find the right equipment for your home comfort needs.

4. Less or Lower Repair Costs

It’s probable that you have experienced an increase in repair needs over the last few years if your current air conditioner seems like it’s on its last legs. Consider replacing your unit before you use it the most. This can help you reduce your summer repair costs while also avoiding a total system breakdown, which can be not only costly but also leave you sweating in the summer heat.

5. Stay Cool in the Alabama Summer

During the hottest season of the year, staying comfortable is one of the main reasons to replace your air conditioner before summer. When the temperatures start to rise in Trussville, you need a cool and comfortable place to retreat to.

Wilbur’s Air Conditioning and Heating Pre-Season System Replacement

When choosing Wilbur’s Air Conditioning and Heating you are choosing to experience our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our factory-authorized installers are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Because we offer a free estimate and take pride in helping you select the right efficiency and size of air conditioning and heating system that suits your needs, you’ll get the right unit for your home.

We know the importance of superior customer service and trusted quality parts, which is why we are proud to be Bryant factory authorized dealers. Also we give you the best because we are the best; excellent installation, superior customer service and trusted Bryant brand. We are Wilbur’s Air Conditioning and Heating!

Contact us today and schedule your free estimate and pre-season installation.

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