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Top Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

Published by Blue Corona

Homeownership is a major responsibility; a big part is ensuring that preventable problems don’t occur. Your plumbing system is one of the major areas of your home that can cause great problems, headaches, and huge bills. These problems can range from a simple clogged drain to a major leak. While some of these issues can be easily fixed, others may require the help of a professional. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common plumbing issues and how you can fix them. If any problem seems too large, we’re always on standby at Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing.

Running Toilet

Running toilets are one of the most common plumbing issues. While they’re often harmless, they can lead to major water waste if you’re not careful. If your toilet is running, it means the water level in the tank is too high and can cause the water to leak into the bowl through the overflow valve. This can waste a lot of water and increase your water bill. To fix a running toilet, you must adjust the tank’s water level. This can be done by adjusting the float arm until the water level is where it should be.

Leaking Faucet

If your faucets are constantly dripping, don’t worry, this is another common plumbing issue. In most cases, it can be fixed by replacing the stem. However, if the problem persists, you may need to call a professional to come and take a look at your faucets.

Clogged Drains

One of the most annoying plumbing issues is a slow drain. This can often be caused by a build-up of soap scum, hair, or even food. In most cases, you can clear this problem by simply running hot water down the drain. However, if the problem persists, you may need to use a plunger or snake to remove the blockage. Remember to never use a chemical drain cleaner as these can be harmful to the user and cause damage to the pipes.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another frustrating plumbing issue. It can be caused by various factors, including a leak in your home’s water supply line or a clogged aerator. If you suspect that low water pressure is an issue, you can do a few things to troubleshoot the problem.

First, check the faucets to see if the problem is isolated to one or two fixtures. If the issue is with only one fixture, it could be a clogged aerator or sediment build-up in the faucet. Fix this by removing and cleaning the aerator, and soaking it in vinegar.

If the low water pressure is affecting all of the fixtures in your home, it is likely an issue with your home’s main water supply line. This problem is best left to a professional plumber to fix.

No Hot Water

One of the most frustrating things in your home is suddenly not having any hot water. We rely on hot water for so much in our daily lives, including showering, washing dishes, laundry, etc. There are a few different reasons why your hot water may have gone out; luckily, they’re mostly easy to fix.

If you have an electric water heater, the first thing you should check is the breaker. Sometimes the breaker can trip, causing the hot water to go out. If this is the case, simply flip the breaker back on and wait 25-45 minutes for the water to heat back up.

Another possible reason for no hot water is a pilot light that has gone out. With a gas water heater, the pilot light is what ignites the gas to heat the water. If your pilot light has gone out, relighting it should be easy. Simply follow the instructions in your water heater’s manual.

If you’ve checked the breaker and the pilot light and there’s still no hot water, there may be a problem with the heating element. This is a problem specific to electric water heaters, and unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix. You’ll likely need to call a professional to come and take a look.

No matter the plumbing problem you encounter, rest easy knowing you can trust our team of professionals at Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to help! Visit our website to learn more about our services and give us a call at 205-655-2396 to make an appointment!

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